FO: Hand socks


My brother was born without a hand. He’s not really sensitive about it, and he’s learned to do literally everything you could possibly think of that a two-handed person can do. (You should see him play video games!)
One problem he does have is that he can buy all the pairs of gloves he wants, but his “nub”, as he calls it, is always left to suffer in the cold. So he requested that I make him a glove with a little sock for his nub. There is no way I could deny a request like that so I immediately got to work on these.

The pattern I used for the full glove is Basic Glove Pattern by Harry Wells. (It’s a free pattern!) I just winged the nub sock, which came out perfect, yay! This was my first time doing the fingers of a glove so I had a few hiccups along the way, mostly involving rejoining the yarn for each finger. I was left with these gaping holes that looked horrible. The pattern recommended closing them up with the yarn tails, but they were so huge! I was concerned that there would be too much of a gap to close it all the way with just the tails so I knit and unknit several fingers until they were to my satisfaction. My brother was super pleased with them, so mission accomplished!

Yarn: Knit Picks Comfy in Black


8 thoughts on “FO: Hand socks

  1. These are awesome, I work with people with multiple & complex disabilities, many have issues with extending their fingers and struggle with the thumbs in mittens. 👏👏

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