Sock update!

For yesterday’s sock practice, I used Kate Atherley’s (top down with magic loop method) training sock tutorial. As always, I made it easily to part 4 of the pattern and somehow messed it up while trying to begin the gusset.

I think what I may have done is worked too many rows so that I ended on the wrong side. Or maybe I didn’t turn the work properly when I started the heel stitches. I’ll just have to try again.

I have quite a collection of tutorials for different sock knitting methods, but I think it’s something that you need to see to understand it completely. After all, the only pair of socks that I was able to complete were made using a tutorial on YouTube!

So far, I’ve only used circulars for knitting in the round since I have a beautiful set of interchangeables that I bought from KnitPicks. Unfortunately they don’t come in a size smaller than 3.5 mm  (US 4) which is too large for sock yarn. (I’ve been using worsted weight for practice.)

I’m looking forward to tackling DPNs soon though~


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